Wednesday, 23 January 2013

DongHo,are you BETTER now?

U kiss message to our BabyHo

looks like DongHo is all better! don't worry KissMe!

Oh yeah~!
U kiss new mv is out! _U kiss - Alone_

OH MY GOD~!!!!
ELi's hair gonna make me die XP
Although kevin look different wiht that hair,he still look smexy with that hair! XO

This kevin.


this kevin


Anyway,congratulations u kiss for the new album!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

♥ DongHo,Get Better Soon~! ♥

   DongHo,we miss  you! 

Dongho is now in the hospital with some lung issues (pleurisy).let's pray and pray  for dongho.
This is the link to youtube.the video is about is " U-kiss message to dongho "
DongHo,All KissMe will pray for you,don't worry (".")

We hope you'll save,Shin Dong Ho.Wake up..All kissMe miss you.
^_^ "We Love You!"

Thursday, 1 November 2012

♥ Oh My God! , Stop Girl~! ♥

♪♫♥~ Stop Girl,in The name of Love ~♪♫♥

Hey,have you guys watch the new perfomances by U_KISS? Oh my God! they're freaking hot! I never bored watching the mv. especially Eli.his hair " ROCKS~! "

and of course i want you guys to watch it.please watch it now. *3*

Oh My God! our cute Kevin!!! kyaaaaaa
as you can see,in this mv,they would like to explain,the song is about a girl come and loving them.but they know,all the girl we're not serious with their love.Oh My God :D


Look at those angel face! ♥

Eli will always have a sexy look no matter what is his hair style.why? i don't know~! Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha
(Omooo...Eli why did you stole my heart everytime i look at you~?)
anyway Eli rap style was very cool when he make those sexy voice while saying," Shock "
Oh My God~~!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥


Look at his strength body :3

as you can see,he is the  leader.and...what can i said? OHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!
Soo Hyun  face still same like nyancat even when  he is  serious ~!
wait,who is Nyan Cat?

This is Nyan Cat A.k.A Soo Hyun!


Oh My God,Hoonie smile smile make my day more RAINBOW 

and,i think hoon part is the best part in this song.i just..just..aahh...his was very good at singing and i love his 0330,neverland and believe,i love when Hoon's part it start.i was like..repeat it for a thousand times. why?? i don't know..maybe because of his vocal POWER!




I'm one of the Kiss_ME! it was like,Oh My god they freaking hot! *3*
Come on! let's see their profile~!


Real name: Woo Sunghyun (우성현) 
English name: Kevin Woo
Birth date: November 25, 1991
Blood type: O
Physical: Height - 180cm / Weight - 55kg
Family: Parents, older sister
Religion: Christian
Specialities: poppin' dance, guitar, piano, English, singing
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, reading books, composing musics
Curiosities: He lived in California, so he's also fluent in English; along with Kibum, he's also a former member of Xing


Position : Leader of U-Kiss since March 2011
Real name: Shin Soohyun (신수현)
Birth date: March 11, 1989
Blood type: A
Physical: Height - 181cm / Weight - 69kg
Family: Parents, older sister and younger sister
Religion: Christian
Specialities: R&B, dance, soccer, piano
Hobbies: Listening to music, exercising, playing on the computer
Curiosities: He was trainee in JYP and Good Entertainment

Ki Seop

Real name: Lee Kiseop (이기섭)
Birth date: January 17, 1991
Blood type: A
Physical: Heigth - 180cm / Weight - 61kg
Family: Parents, older sister
Religion: Buddhist
Specialities: Taekwondo, poppin' dance, acting, piano, beatbox
Hobbies: Listening to music, taking pictures, playing the piano, acting
Curiosities: He joined U-Kiss in 2009, on their 3rd mini album; he is a former ulzzang; he appeared in 'Not Young' MV before his debut


Real name: Kim Kyungjae (김경재) 
English name:-Ellison kim 
Birth Date: March 13,1991
Blood Type : O
Physical : Height - 181cm / Weight- 68Kg
Family: Parents, older sister, younger sister
religion : christian
Specialities: Rapper, taekwondo, kung fu, English, Chinese


Real name: Kim Jaeseop (김재섭)
Birth date: June 04, 1991
Blood type: A
Physical: Height - 183cm / Weight - 61kg
Family: Parents, older sister
Religion: Buddhist
Specialities: Rap, singing and piano
Hobbies: Computer game, travel
Curiosities: He's the  ex-member of Paran (2005), joining U-Kiss in 2011.
He speaks Korean and English fluently (now in columbia university)

Dong Ho

Real name: Shin Dongho (신동호)
Birth date: June 29, 1994
Blood type: B
Physical: Height - 178cm / Weight - 62kg
Family: Parents, older brother
Religion: Christian
Specialities: Rapper, Chinese, baseball, golf, soccer, drums
Hobbies: Playing baseball, listening to music, reading books, knitting
Curiosities:(maknae) He was born in China;favorite color is pink



Real name: Yeo Hoonmin  (여훈민)
Birth Date: August 16.1991
Blood type : A
Physical: Height - 181cm / Weight - 67kg
Religion: Christian
Specialities: Singing, taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball
Hobbies: Leisure sports, music

Curiosities: He had a solo career, releasing one album; he is currently attending Dong Guk University majoring in theater; briefly made an appearence in SBS's drama 'Athena' as a bodyguard of President.